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Hot Wives - This Man Refused to Open His Eyes



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The Soundtrack To A Speeding Ticket. The first EP from the Hot Wives is a collection of distorted rock and garage songs that will make you drive fast, drink, and get in a fight.....and it will be the best night of your life.   Artist Biography  
If you Google this Atlanta, Georgia, rock quartet’s name, you probably shouldn’t do it on your work computer. The Hot Wives formed in 2009 and are preparing for the launch of their new EP, This Man Refused to Open His Eyes. A blend of rock and garage punk, the Hot Wives amp up the energy and angst with music to accompany a speeding ticket.
The Hot Wives features Jimmy Guthrie (guitar, vocals), Gib Fenning (guitar, bass, vocals), Jeff Warncke (drums) and Scott Lambert (bass, guitar). All four have extensive backgrounds in music, ranging from college bands to touring internationally.
With a sound that draws inspiration from bands like Scratch Acid, The Stooges, the Bad Seeds and the Minutemen, the Hot Wives play hard-hitting, fast-paced songs that dole out angst, frustration and revenge.
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