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Kent McDaniel - Zombies Stink (And Vampires Suck)

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"Zombies Stink (And Vampires Suck)" uses a stripped-down roots rock/rockabilly groove to poke fun at the overabundance of the aforementioned creatures in contemporary books, movies, TV, and comics.  Additional Band Websites   Artist Biography
Kent McDaniel, who wrote and recorded "Zombies Stink (And Vampires Suck), is a writer, songwriter and musician, and lives with his wife Dorothy in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood, around which he can often be found ambling. He and his wife and some friends gig around Chicago, and he has two albums out, one as Kent McDaniel and one as The Kent McDaniel Band. His short stories have appeared most recently in Allegory, Palo Alto Review, Iconoclast, Downstate Story, Rambunctious Review, and Stupefying Stories. If not writing, playing guitar, reading, or listening to sports talk, he’s probably watching some ball game.Press Release
Kent McDaniel will admit to having enjoyed more than his share of Zombie and Vampire tales. He's going to go out on a limb, though, and say that maybe, just maybe, both creatures have been overused for some years now--in books, movies, TV, and comics. Which is why he wrote "Zombies Stink (And Vampires Suck)". Once it occurred to him that both statements could be seen as literally true--in addition to figuratively--writing the song was probably inevitable.  He couldn't stop himself.

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