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Heather Luttrell - Possumdiva

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Heather fondly refers to her style of music as “BluesAmericanaFunkFolk” and connects with fans of artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin, John Prine, and Susan Tedeschi.  Additional Band Websites   Artist Biography
Heather Luttrell has a lot of soul for someone so young. Her mix of blues and Americana has been captivating fans since 2002, when she released her first album, “Drive It Like You Stole It.” Since then, Heather has built a loyal following with her soulful vocals, energetic guitar work, bring-the-house-down live shows and, always, a gracious Southern hospitality that makes fans feel like family.

Heather signed with Redglare Records in October of 2011, and her first full-length album on the label, “Possumdiva,” is due on October 12, 2012. The album features Heather and her band the Possumden, which includes Ralph Luttrell on the resonator, drummer Craig Henderson and bass/banjo player Emily Kate Boyd.

Heather fondly refers to her style of music as “BluesAmericanaFunkFolk” and connects with fans of artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Patty Griffin, John Prine, and Susan Tedeschi.

As a songwriter, the 34-year-old Heather produces “music for the thinking drunk” and has gained a loyal following of fans who enjoy seeing her perform solo, with her father Ralph, or with the entire Possumden. Heather is perhaps best known for her appearance on the 2005 reality television show Rockstar: INXS, in which she competed against other singers.

Heather, an Atlanta, Georgia, native, grew up napping in her daddy’s guitar case. She followed in his footsteps, becoming a singer, guitar player and songwriter at a young age. Since Heather was 21, “Daddy” Ralph Luttrell has been an integral part of the Possumden and a frequent songwriting collaborator. A luthier by trade, Ralph joined the Army band during Vietnam, touring camps to entertain the troops. He also played with Possum Trot and wrote an infamous song about MARTA, Atlanta’s often-criticized public transportation system.

Craig Henderson and Heather met in 2000, but it was half a dozen years later that he started playing drums. When Craig added singing to his repertoire in 2012, the duo really started to come together as a band. Now, Craig and Heather—who are, conveniently, next-door neighbors—often write songs together.

Emily Kate Boyd met Heather over a decade ago, but for many years the two simply had a passing admiration for each other’s music. When Emily helped Heather launch a Kickstarter campaign, they developed a deeper friendship and, eventually, a musical relationship. Emily began playing bass, then added her banjo and vocals to cement the distinctive sound of Heather Luttrell and the Possumden.

In addition to music, Heather and her band are all accomplished visual artists. Heather and the Possumden produced all of the album artwork for “Possumdiva.” Heather hand-lettered all of the text, Craig designed the new logo, and Emily painted the cover art.

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