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George Thomas - Inbound

Location: Boston, Ma., US
George Thomas sings from his heart and his songs come from his soul.
Press Release:
"All Indie Magazine "Field of Dreams" It was like listening to Roy Orbison or The Moody Blues. Thanks again for your submission and I hope you find the exposure you're seeking. Mikey Jayy "
- Mikey Jayy, All Indie Magazine (May 22, 0011)

"Our Stage Magazine Thanks George Thomas for bringing your amazing talent to our stage!"
- Our Stage Staff, Our Stage Magazine (Feb 05, 0011)

"Fantastic Singing."
-Brenda Ravello

"Blown away by the incredible features."
-Woody Longacre
Tempe AZ, USA

"Amazing! I LOVE it!"
-Colin Grnatro
Sydney, Australia

"Great Stuff "
-Ed G. Johnson
Brighton, UK

"Very impressive! I can honestly say that I think these guys are the best ."
-Bill Camero
Sydney, Australia

" Amazing! . Sheer brilliance!"
- Alan Cambler
London, UK

I can honestly say that George Thomas and Ya are just about the best sound around today.
-Laura and Susan Taylor UK

I Love it when they weave their magic.
-Colin and Judy Trembler FR.
A Super blend of rock and soul, characterize the sound from this Boston based band Ya. Born and raised in Massachusetts, former teacher, and singer songwriter, George Thomas fills his songs with passion and vivid detail. Thomas's music is personal, political, and universally appealing. Thomas's thought-provoking lyrics, and dynamic mix of acoustic and electric guitars, symphonic percussion and background singers carries a feeling to all his listeners. His work has been stated as a mix of the Moody Blues and Roy Orbison. Ya and George Thomas are totally original. / My story is simple but true, I stepped out of my house one night and crossed into the backyard, when suddenly a flash of red light and a shattering sound engulfed me, how long I tumbled through space and time and endured that noise I don't remember, all I know is that when it stopped I found myself in this vast tall grass field. The wind was howling around me and twin moons blazed brightly in that cambium sky. Up ahead on a grassy knoll I could see a castle in the distance. Upon arriving at it's drawbridge I called out but only an echo came back to haunt me I searched every room in this place, but I am all alone! One of the rooms had a guitar leaning up against a chair with a note lying beside it, "play me and you will be heard it read". I thought of Alice in Wonderland and the "drink me" bottles on the table. So now I hope someone will hear my song. George Thomas! georgethomas.tv

The meaning of YA: The dictionary defines it as Zeal noun. Enthusiastic and diligent devotion in
pursuit of a cause, ideal or goal.


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