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What happens when mashup soulful songwriting, with a artist that means every word he sings, over a house track that makes you dance uncontrollably, and sprinkle some harmonies on top? You get COACH.

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Coach was born and raised in Miami, Florida to a Afro-Cuban father and a Puerto Rican mother. He has an AA from Miami Dade Community College and attended SAE Institute studying Audio Engineering. In 2004 Coach (at that time he was known as Unison) signed on with Cane Records when his first album “All things Considered” was released.

Coach recently released his latest project “The Play Book” to wondrous reviews. His lead single “Explode” was chosen as a clear indicator to the energy and talent behind this amazing artist. “Explode” (written and produced by Coach and Lino Lizano) hits you like an explosion as a message to the public that Coach is ready to rocket onto the music scene. It is about that explosive feeling that Coach felt when he met ‘her’ for the first time. This song is electro/dance on steroids carried by a strong electro rhythm that makes your heart skips a few beats. The song is best played loud to capture the true electrifying feeling that is absorbed into your brain.

“Explode” is one of a plethora of songs filled with some of the best electro/pop beats on the airwaves to date.

Coach has a innate talent for writing songs. He has written and produced for many artists on the Miami music scene such as:

Kidd Dre (Konvict Music South)
Gloria Trevi (Sony Music Ent, UMG)
Don Dinero (Universal Music Latino)
Nikki Blonsky (From the movie Hairspray)
Lino Lizano


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