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3 Dates Later - The Ten Year Hangover

Rock, Punk, Pop
Oklahoma City

Band Description
Angry, melodic, rock and / or roll, The Ten Year Hangover is the first feature length worldwide release by 3 Dates Later.

Recommended Tracks:

Track #6: The Academy
Track #5: Marco Polo
Track #9: I'm Just Not That Patient
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Artist Biography
Chris Seaman: Vocals / Guitar
Travis Palen: Bass / Vocals,
John Hager: Guitar,
Jarred Wion: Drums

Press Release
“I’m pretty sure this is the first record I’ve recorded totally sober.” – Chris Seaman
Driven with a cause, occasionally delayed by life, and growing stronger all the while the band 3 Dates Later is set to release their debut LP, The Ten Year Hangover.

This album is a collection of songs that are cynical observations with optimistic intentions: “I think you could – be a cool guy – if you just lose the act, and stop drinking”. Having survived name changes that then changed back, members that have come and gone and then came back, and a constant barrage of scams designed to prey on young bands, 3 Dates Later has worked hard to stay the course in order to bring this record to life.  The end result is a high-energy demonstration of sarcastic sincerity.

Heavily influenced by the 90’s post grunge, punk resurgence, 3 Dates Later is made up of Travis Palen on bass,  John Hager on guitar, Jarred Wion on drums, and frontman/primary song writer Chris Seaman.  After the album’s completion and prior to it’s release, founding member/guitar player Chris Gammill left the band and that’s when Hager was brought on board.  As teenagers, Gammill and Palen formed 3 Dates Later in 2002.  Singer Seaman was later recruited by Gammill. “When we first started, we really sucked” said Seaman. They had drummers with no rhythm and Chris initially struggled with singing in key.  D.I.Y. style, they did seven self produced CDs, and played shows constantly, each one getting better than the last. Over time they slowly built their fan base opening up for bands such as New Found Glory, The Ataris, and Voodoo Glow Skulls.  The band reached a point where they decided to pay to go into a studio to get a “professional” recording.

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