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Metaform - The Midnight Machine, Act One

Location: Tokyo, , Japan
Metaform (aka Justice Aaron) is a legendary underground Electronica producer living in Tokyo, Japan.
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Contact: Justice Aaron
Tokyo, Japan - April 4, 2013.
After a long silence, legendary Electronica producer Metaform (aka Justice Aaron) has finally emerged from his Tokyo studio to announce the release of a new EP trilogy entitled "The Midnight Machine". "This EP trilogy is a fully immersive sci-fi electronic opera," says Justice Aaron the project`s frontman and songwriter. The Midnight Machine, Act One will be released on June 4, 2013.

Metaform (aka Justice Aaron) is not your average producer, he is a one man electronic orchestra.  Writing and recording all songs and playing all instruments and beat machines himself, his production knows no boundary.  "The Midnight Machine, Act One" is the long awaited first EP in his epic new sci-fi opera trilogy.  

What started as a love affair with a piano at age 5 ultimately  led to the creation of his 2008 debut, the instrumental opus "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants".  It was considered by many to pickup where DJ Shadow left off with Endtroducing and was highly acclaimed by CMJ and many high profile magazines (Remix, XLR8R, URB).  But he did not stop there.  Dissatisfied with the limits of electronic music and the "EDM" scene, Metaform transcended genre with the 2010 release "The Electric Mist" by adding his own vocals and lyrics, and more live instrumentation.  These additions divided his audience and ushered in a new breed of Metaform fan, and he never looked back.

Since 2006, the California native has lived two conflicting lives: one as an invisible corporate office worker in Tokyo, the other a secretive yet internationally celebrated Electronica producer.  From such yin and yang conflict, Metaform reveals from first-hand experience the vulnerable truths of living in a cold and mechanical world (Tokyo) similar to that of an Orwellian science fiction novel.  With underground classics like “Electric Eyes” and new works such as “Golden Handcuffs”, written in support of the Occupy movement, Metaform introduces Electronica to the human condition.  

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