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Bennett Hughes - Turn the Lights On

Location: , New Jersey, United States
Bennett Hughes takes gospel lyrics & everyday stories and then blends them using classic rock sounds with a measure of modern day pop.
Press Release:
Bennett Hughes - Turn the Lights On - EP RELEASE JUNE 4TH 2013
Contact: bennetthughes@me.com 917.470.3900 www.bennetthughes.com

What People are “Saying”
“I loveeeeee it and have it on repeat while my eyes get watery thinking of my brother who past away. It’s awesome, 5 stars” (on Dear John, you’re on my mind)
“Spectacular stuff!! Production quality is over the top, and this is really catchy and strongly-delivered.”

With the release of Turn the Lights On, Bennett Hughes makes his Christian music debut and his first public sound-waves in almost a decade since fronting the ECMA award nominated Canadian rock band Danny Mainstreet. Sonically, this 5 song EP is a mix of the classic rock genre with indy rock flavor and a twist of blues guitar, like if Bob Dylan’s Slowtrain met up with a Christ preaching Jeff Buckley for a church service. This release also marks Hughes‘ debut as an engineer, and second album as a producer. The musicians are no strangers to recording and live music, bringing in the heavy weights with Harry Vaughn, Patrick Andy, and Per Anders Brolin on Drums, bass and organ respectably. All have years of recording and playing experience.

The music on the album is eclectic, with well over 60 songs to choose from, the selection was narrowed down to 5, and piece by piece the songs were arranged, and gutted and re-arranged for the record. Back in the late 0's Hughes moved to NYC from the East Coast of Canada and his music began to reflect his thoughts, beliefs, struggles, stories and triumphs with Jesus Christ. Turn the Lights On, is a collection of these stories that lyrically point listeners to Christ.
For the past 5 years Hughes has been leading an international feeding program for kids called “ChildCry.” This not for profit ministry of Times Square Church in NYC is currently feeding over 35,000 meals world wide each week. Back in the winter of of 2013 Hughes began taking tour dates and used the opportunity to create live music events to support this organization. More tour dates are currently being planned, mostly out of the North East.
For any press queries, promo requests or to set up an interview in regards to the album or Hughes‘ humanitarian work please contact Bennett directly at:
Contact: bennetthughes@me.com 917.470.3900 www.bennetthughes.com

Back in the late 0's Bennett Hughes moved to NYC from the East Coast of Canada and his music began to reflect his thoughts, beliefs, struggles, stories and triumps with Jesus Christ. Recording had always been a passion but it wasn't until the move that he finally began to dissect the meanings of transients and frequencies. The result is many an underscore for "ChildCry", an international feeding program for kids, & Turn the Lights On, a self produced/recorded/engineered/performed EP.  

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