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The Client Brothers - Electronic Trailer

Location: SAN ISIDRO GENERAL, , Costa Rica
The Client Brothers have been together since the beginning of time. They do not follow any specific genre'. Electronic Trailer is their 5th album -They also have done albums of Jazz, Industrial, Vocals, Electronic.
Press Release:
The Client Brothers present their second electronic album "ELECTRONIC TRAILER". Not the usual boring monotonous rhythms that so many electronica songs have. They do not use any loops and play every note themselves. The songs have actual melodies and have driving beats to go along with. Check out their unusual music and breath a sigh of relief as to the difference.
The Client Brothers, Robert and Joel, have been studio musicians for many years. They would get together in Minneapolis every week and write and record music. They have written every type of genre' from new age to polkas. A few years ago, Joel moved down to Costa Rica but that did not deter the boys. Thanks to video chats, they are able to continue writing and recording sending files back and forth thru space. Electronic Trailer is their latest album. Other albums include JAZZY TIMES, INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, MEN IN THE MOON and VOX CLIENTUS.

All available on iTunes and Amazon.com/mp3.

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