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Stolen Identity - Entice You

Webpage: http://www.stolenidentityuk.com

Location: Wall Heath, West Midlands, United Kingdom


Stolen Identity are a big melting pot of pop!


Stolen identity are a big melting pot of pop! Holly, Mikey and Nicci, all from the Midlands, got together to form Stolen Identity after purchasing an online experience voucher led to a chance meeting for the three.The three of them share a single vision to bring pop music back to the forefront of the UK charts. With their strong vocals and infectious beat Stolen Identity will certainly 'Entice You' to listen.With an increasing number of girl and boy bands vying for attention - the Midlands three are proud to be offering something a little different for the palate! Already proving a huge hit at Festivals and Nightclubs across the UK, Stolen Identity have been hard at work with their Grammy nominated New York producer preparing their self-penned debut single 'Entice You' which is already proving a dance floor hit and is set for commercial release Summer 2013 .......... Watch this space........POP IS BACK!!!

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