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Ian Robert Spalding - The Mower

Webpage: http://www.categoryimusic.com

Location: Austin, TX, US


Ian Robert Spalding is a musician/composer of electronically oriented, darkly cinematic instrumental music. For all the sweeping grandeur, there remains a strong pop sensibility that is equal parts playful and experimental.

Press Release:
category i music announces the release of “The Mower” by Ian Robert Spalding.

“The Mower” is a collection of eclectic instrumentals covering a number of moods and styles.

Loosely conceived as a concept record of interconnected songs, the album opens with the lush swells and rumblings of Machine/Start and ends with the quick pop punch of Break/ Pop.

Two Bees, perhaps the most immediate song on the album, starts with two playful guitars dancing around one another before charging headlong into a propulsive upbeat rocker.

The video for Two Bees can be seen on YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=yItOIA0hnQk) and Vimeo (http://vimeo.com/51921251).

Spider Bites contains the reverb-??rich echoes of Ian Robert Spalding’s work with instrumental legends The Ventures. Break/Broke drives ahead, a straight blast of riff, 


Born and raised in Southern California, Ian Robert Spalding began playing music at the age of 10, recording his own compositions to 4?track by the age of 12.

He started his first band at 14. ?Ian Robert Spalding worked with the band Bikeride through much of the 1990s.

Over the last five years he has worked with instrumental legends The Ventures, who have recorded several of his original compositions.

In 2011, Ian Robert Spalding coproduced and preformed a number of tracks on Bob Spalding’s latest record “Transitions.”

Ian Robert Spalding lives in Austin, TX.

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