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Djos Kast - Still Alive


Location: CALLIAN, PACA, France 


Djos Kast makes original Electro/House/Dance Music for Clubs and Radios.

Press Release:

New single for this talented DJ Producer, who tries to create his own style, his own sounds, and even his own tracks structures. The radio edit length at 2:35 is a brilliant idea, which will allow many radio programmers to insert the track in many places where they need a short edit. Follow this artist very closely!


DJOS KAST's big passion for EDM started when he was 10, and is still intact. He was creating his own music when he was 15, for fun at start, and since 2009 in a more professional purpose. Maybe you've heard his tracks "It's Over", "Get Freaky", "My Music", "Bad Way" in the clubs and on web radios. In 2013, he released its first video, with a very promising title « Still Alive », on which he puts all hope. He's working now on more productions, and is very happy to make remixes for other producers.

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