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gabriele saro - Passion

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Location: udine, , italy

Gabriele Saro is a classical artist; in his albums Sunsets, Sunsets part 2, and Passion for piano, violin and cello, you can find Emotion, Love, Pictures in Music, Romanticism and Joy


Gabriele Saro is an Italian Artist, born 1976; After degrees in Violin and Music for Film, he has created his 3 cds, Sunsets, Sunsets part 2 and Passion, for piano solo, violin and cello , emotional music dedicated to cities of the world and feelings; he writes also concert band, orchestral music, and also sacred music; in last times he is discovering commercial music and in particular he is creating with a team Pop and R&B songs. Important is also his collaboration on music for mind and with therapeutic aims with an important NLP trainer; OFFICIAL WEBSITE in WORK IN PROGRESS

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