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The Suppliers - The Suppliers

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Suppliers are a female fronted rock band with great pop sensibility. Their no-holds-bar style of intelligent, powerful rock music has been filling clubs and gaining airplay with no sign of letting up.
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"Suppliers new take on rock music has proven to be a hit"
- Beatroute, September 2012

The Suppliers are a Canadian 4-piece rock band, comprised of Ashtyn Beaudette, Sean Friend, Robito Cortez and Kirill Telichev. The Suppliers "are a powderkeg packed with melodicism and lit with the spark of raw, rock intensity, that draws inspiration from acts that range from Blondie to Nirvana and The Black Keys." (Calgary Herald, 2012). Having formed in 2010, the band immediately locked themselves up in studio for close to two years to produce their first full length album - a no-holds-bar pop-rock-punk frankenstein. The album was released September 14th, 2012 to a record-breaking attendance at Dickens, one of Calgary's more prominent mid-size original rock clubs. Aside from a well received debut, the group was selected as Xposure Winners 2012 by Calgary's Alternative Rock station (X92.9), confidently won the "fan choice" vote to kick off 2012 XFEST, and held their own alongside Linkin Park, Silversun Pickups, Mutemath and more. Delivering an explosive rock show, and with sights set on touring and second album, one thing is for certain - this Canadian band is worth keeping an eye on.

CONTACT: thesuppliersband@gmail.com The Suppliers

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