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ymf - War Dance

Webpage: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/war-dance/id569584039

Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Deep club beats with an earthy sexual sound.

Press Release:
War Dance, the debut album from YMF, is an exciting selection of dance and trance styles that you imagine playing loud, in a smoke filled, packed out club in Ibiza.

Combining some traditional trance synths with some more contemporary sounds, keeps the listener on the edge, wanting more. There is a sort of 'earthy', almost tribal feeling running throughout, and indeed the title track also includes a 'tribal remix' version which features a haunting male chant. Many of the tracks form solid images in the mind, and the album is perhaps best enjoyed in a dark room with plenty of volume and bass.

An interesting twist is brought in on two of the tracks, where YMF has combined the trance synths with more traditional instruments, including piano's, guitars and even a flute.

Although there is a definite theme running throughout, the variety of styles that make up the album is sure to please most dance music fans. An exciting debut album and it will be interesting to see what the future brings from this electronic artist. War Dance is available now on iTunes and from most digital music stores.

YMF is an electronic dance/trance music producer from the little village of Yaxham in Norfolk, UK.
With a contemporary feel to YMF's tracks, the emphasis is on producing strong club beats that leave the listener wanting more.

Using digital only distribution, all tracks are radio ready being professionally recorded and mastered to ensure quality.

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