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Barry Keenan - Contrary To Popular Belief

Webpage: http://www.barrykeenan.com

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. 

Barry Keenan produces music in the classic British pop-rock tradition with a truly unique modern sound. Critics have said his songs are "thought provoking," and his finely crafted lyrics, though completely contemporary, remain timeless. 

Press Release:


Barry Keenan
Contrary To Popular Belief 
Release Date: 2012
East Of Sideways Music
American Singer/Songwriter Brings New British Invasion To Popular Music
Los Angeles, CA - For more than a decade, Barry Keenan has been compared with a wide range of artists including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Muse, and The Shins. His latest release, “Contrary To Popular Belief” will continue to fuel those comparisons. On the album Keenan plays each instrument live, one track at a time, and the result is the sound of a full rock band with a British flavor. Stephen Smoke, former music critic for Record World Magazine, writes, “Keenan is what The Beatles would have been had they stayed together.” 

“People can make whatever comparisons they want,” says Keenan. “I’ve been influenced by hundreds of musicians and songwriters over the years. I think I sound like Barry Keenan.”
On stage, Keenan is joined by Colin Mitchell (No Doubt, Gwen Stefani) on bass, Ed Krzyzaniak (L.A. Music Award, AZA Award, Stellar Award) on guitar, and drummer/percussionist, Voyce McGinley III (Kitaro, Cirque du Soleil, Donovan, Eric Burdon, Stevie Wonder). After attending Keenan’s recent performance, Lynne Robin Green, president of music publishing company Lansdowne•Winston•Bloor•Hoffman House said, “The show was just incredible. The album,song to song, performed live, is a life story, a musical journey so real and so beautifully visceral. I was totally mesmerized by it all.” 

Music critics and industry insiders say that Keenan’s music is different from what you hear on today’s commercial radio, yet has enormous commercial appeal. Marc Marot, former President of Island Records, who played key roles in the careers of U2, Nine Inch Nails, PJ Harvey and Yusef (Cat Stevens), recently said that Keenan “stands out from the crowd.” Rock journalist James Moore (Your Band Is a Virus) gives Keenan’s album “10 out of 10.” Music Connection Magazine wrote, “enough energy to light up a stadium.” 

Keenan takes the listener on an introspective journey of joy and pain, light and darkness. He leads the listener into the abyss, and then shows the way out. “I didn’t write these songs to play at a party”, he says. “I made the album for when the party’s over and you’re left alone to face yourself.”

For more information, promo requests, bookings and interviews, contact: Jeff Hirschtick at East of Sideways (818) 831-6999. To listen to Keenan’s music, visit www.barrykeenan.com. Biography:
Barry Keenan has a lifetime career as a singer/songwriter. He started recording professionally at the age of 15. By the time he turned age 19, he had his first major publishing deal in New York and has been a published songwriter by such notable companies as Warner/Chappell, Universal, All Nations Music, Criterion Music and Peer/Southern Music. He currently is published by East Of Sideways Music in Beverly Hills, CA. 

As a recording engineer, Keenan has owned and operated two commercial recording studios in the Los Angeles area during the 1970’s and 80’s. He has worked on the recorded music of such notable recording artists as Beck, Warren Zevon, Sting, Devo, Pantera, No Doubt, The Goo Goo Dolls and The Cranberries to name only a few. 

As a producer, he received his first major break when Miles Copeland (The Police, IRS Records) hired Keenan to produce Adam Ant in 1984.
He is the recipient of The Arts For Humanities Award issued at The New World Festival in December of 1983. 

Keenan was awarded SESAC’s highest honor in Nashville for his songs in the motion picture Kickboxer starring Jean Claude Van Damne. Kickboxer was the biggest selling, #1 worldwide, box office movie for SESAC that year. 

As a recording artist, he has received commercial radio play coast to coast from stations like KROQ,KLOS & KPFK in Los Angeles to WCOZ in Boston. Programmed on Sirius Satelite's Spirit Channel, Keenan was in heavy rotation going on to be classified as certified gold.
In 1981 Keenan had a first right of refusal recording deal with A & M Records.
In December of 2009, after spending a year on the Songs Of the Times Music Chart hosted by Neil Young on Neil Young’s “Living With War Today” website, Keenan reached the #1 position with his social awareness song entitled, “Our Comfortable Lives”. The song remained at the #1 position for an astonishing 62 weeks. 

“Our Comfortable Lives” was also picked up in May 2011 by Editions-belin, fr, a book publishing company located in Paris, France. Keenan was designated his own chapter in the book, a college edition textbook entitled, La Chanson Dans La Classe. The book is designed to assist the learning of the English language in the classrooms of French speaking countries and is distributed accordingly. Other artists having song lyrics included in this text are, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Eminem, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Paul Stookey, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Freddie Mercury, Ray Davies & Bruce Springsteen. 

Keenan has headlined some of the premier stages in Los Angeles with his band including The Roxy, The Whiskey, and The Troubadour. As a soloist, he has performed continuously across the United 

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