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Amia Franz - What Kind Of Love? (changed from Enduring Love)

Location: Round Lake, Illinois, United States
Amia sings, writes and produces music in the Alternative Adult Contemporary Pop/Rock/Soul funk genres
Press Release:
Amia Franz Music News for December 2012- January 2013:~Interview with WDEP Magazine- coming up on January 6th 2013 2pm (CST)and you can go to this page to listen http://www.blogtalkradio.com/1075wdep/2012/09/24/the-independent-artist-spotlight-show-1
This will be a live One on One interview with daeducatedpoet~In 2013 I will be releasing wome of the 20 songs I wrote and produced in 2012! Some of my close music team that have heard my new material feel it will be a turning point in defining me as an artist and singer. I will be posting it when the time comes here on my music submit profile. In the meantime I have posted some ruff samples of two of the 20 new songs I worked on this past summer on my website and you can take a listen to the ruff samples by going to http://www.amiamusic.com/#!2013-preview-of-new-album-samples/cr74
~Amia is a Starliners Radio 2013 Indie Music Awards nominee for the month of December 2012!
Find out more by going to ~Brand new html website Go to www.amiamusic.com now available for mobile and all other device accessability! ~New Amia Franz Music Social 3volution Club- Because of the 3volution of her own life and experiences the Amia Franz Music Social 3volution has developed into a club for her fans. Starting in 2013 Amia Franz will have Amia Franz Weekend News Blitz's for members of the club. It's a place for you to get to know Amia Franz beyond the pages and music she brings to the music scene. It's a way to get to know her in perfromances, in recordings and learn more about the music industry from carefully chosen guests with a chat available! You will also get a chance to get specials on tickets to her shows, specials on downloads of her music and when availabable see live performance feeds. Just sign up on her fan club "join Amia Music Fan Club" tab on this page and prior to live shows and other events you will get an email notification of when her live video feed is available to watch!! Go to her webstie signup page here http://www.amiamusic.com/#!music-club-member/c1zasWomen of Substance Radio Plays Deep Love remix and more!Ceo and founder Bree Noble is a new media pioneer who has created and accomplished female artists to be heard! http://womenofsubstanceradio.bandcamp.com/track/deep-love-remix-by-amia-franz Amia is a featured Artist on Women Of Substance Radio! Amia is playing on Women Of Substance Radio Shows: Pop Show -Thursdays 10-11 AM Pacific (1-2 PM Eastern)http://www.wosradio.com/thursdayplaylists.htm "We've Got It Covered"- (Awesome 80s) Airs Wed, Sat, Sun 3-7 PM ET, noon-4 PM PT, September 19-30 http://www.wosradio.com/wevegotitcovered.htm


Amia Franz is a singer songwriter who writes her own material in the Alternative Pop Rock Soul genres. Amia has been pursuing her career goals online and off. This includes a new Amia Franz Campaign being developed which includes writing potential hit songs she sings, find commercial placements for her songs in film and commercials, radio and continuing to perform live at private parties, events supporting organizations, causes important to Amia, building a new flash website, new ways to discover more new fans to interact with, more ways to download her music and much more starting November 2012!
She has quality experience performing and recording professionally both in the states and abroad. Amia performs live with a band as well as solo track shows that also feature her visual artwork as a back drop!Amia music has been well recieved and her newest music she will be presenting to the industry team.
She has spent the summer of 2012 developing this music which will define who Amia is as a singer, songwriter and producer. "Amia has amazing talent producing her own material in her home studio. I have heard all the unreleased material and it is commercially viable as well as trend setting origional. I look forward to helping Amia prepare her live shows and all things necessary from now on to catch the attention of the music industry and labels. Take it from someone that knows her well. I believe she has all the musical and visual tools to be a top contender major artist in the music industry! This is her stated goal and I am putting together a team in 2013!" James Franz Music Facilitator Her song Deep Love (remix) from her 2012 album release "What Kind Of Love" is now rotating on a number of quality radio stations. She just got picked up by the radio station WOSR (Women Of Substance Radio) where her song "Deep Love Remix" featured! A dancable radio friendly tune Amia added her own addtion to the original song production in August 2012. Find out more about who Amia is and has become by going to www.amiamusic.com Specialties Amia Franz is a Singer, Songwriter, producer, plays electric guitar and electric violin and performs live and records her own material.
Amia Franz is a singer songwriter who writes and produces her own material in the Alternative Pop Rock Soul Funk genres. If you like Adele, Aretha Franklin, Dave Mathews Band, Prince, Sade, Dido and Elle Goulding then Amia is an artist to enjoy! Her voice is unique with a powerful yet textured and sensual deliveryVisual Artist- Owner of Divine Artistic Designs since 1999. Commissions have included sculpture for a large Health club facility and Mural painting for commercial and residential clients.http://www.servicemagic.com/rated.DivineArtisticDesigns.23011845.html?link_id=115880 She plans to use themed murals as a decorative tool for primarily large tour props. Currently she has displayed a few of her smaller murals on stage with her at local private parties and wedding performances and illustrations and paintings for a few CD covers. Her husband James Franz is an excellent photographer and has captured Amia's image in mood and color over the past two years!
Thank you for taking time to review my profile! Happy New Year 2013! Amia Franz www.amiamusic.com

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