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Location: Bronx New York, New York, United States

My music is straight from the heart and that is one of the reasons why my fans can relate to me.


Hi, my name is Tony G.Barnes a.k.a. TONY G BARNES, i am a producer,composer,writer,performer,engineer,mixer and i also do Mastering, i step into the studio by my self and i step out with finished product ready for radio,clubs,stores & etc. I have recieved positive response for so much of my material from the very first song that i have wrote, for an example i was signed to a big indie label years ago and that deal came about based on some material that was some of my very first creations and then just recently when i was using a different a.k.a.(MusicFanatic)one of my songs(Club City) was in the top 10 in starfleet music pool(Top 40 & Top 50 Charts)& DDK (Dixie Dance Kings)hot pick for a very long time, but these are just a very few examples of my success i feel that i should really receive a major record deal because my style and taste of music is unique but still relatable in it's on right, i can go on and on writing why i should be granted a major record deal but i would rather let my music speak for it's self, i believe that good music will sell it's self and all it needs is promotions,this is my Bio in brief and thank you very much for you time. 

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