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Webpage: http://www.facebook.com/neverlikethemovies

Location: Sherman Oaks, California, U.S.A.

Inspired by an eclectic blend of Rock, Punk, Pop and Metal, this group of skilled and talented musicians has created a fusion of sound that is getting fans raving about the music.

Press Release:
Never Like the Movies - BAND OF THE MONTH - Jango Airplay

In 2011, the group soon to be known as Never Like The Movies formed in a Hollywood, CA rehearsal studio. Ever since, their melodic, inventive songs have propelled them through the metal scene, on to bigger and bigger things. N.L.T.M. just released their debut album "Through The Hourglass," and they're constantly performing at venues in greater L.A. - to fans acquired on Jango Radio!

And that success reaches beyond Jango Airplay; Reverbnation recently ranked N.L.T.M. #10, and listed N.L.T.M. as a 'Trending Band' on their front page. The story continues below, enjoy!

Describe Never Like The Movies' sound in one sentence?

Jason: The words your heart whispers to the depths of your soul when your mind is lost.

When were Never Like The Movies formed and where?

Jason: The band started in early 2011 when Shay and I met at rehearsal studio in Hollywood, CA. Conceptually, in terms of the genre and style, it’s a brainchild she’d had for a little while longer. The basic idea was guitar-driven rock music paired with infectious melodies, and vocals drawing from real life experience. The first song we wrote was “Oceans of Eternity” from our debut CD “Through The Hourglass.” That tune happened really fast both musically & lyrically, and I think we were both kind of quietly impressed with how well it turned out. The next one we did was “The Open Door.” By then we'd developed a system where we would discuss a lyrical concept for a while, then I’d write the music to reflect those ideas and emotions sonically. When the arrangement and all the parts were done, we’d sit, listen to the demo and start throwing lines back and forth until we had a song. After we finished “The Open Door” we carried on writing, and started looking for a drummer to go into the studio and really putting something serious together. We auditioned a bunch of guys and eventually found Zak, whom I had actually seen playing at the Key Club several months prior. The three of us tracked the CD and carried on looking for a bassist, eventually deciding on Andrew, as he and Zak had worked together in other projects.


Never Like The Movies was born on a cold December night in 2010 when the paths of vocalist Shay Gerson, and guitarist Jason Duke converged in a dimly lit rehearsal studio on the outskirts of Hollywood, California. Inspired by an eclectic blend of artists ranging from Adele to Lamb of God, Gerson and Duke began an intensive writing and recording schedule culminating in the debut release, "Through The Hourglass." The album weaves a tale of heartbreak, self discovery, and personal growth, all painted on a fiercely melodic and inventive musical canvas that has become the groups hallmark. The band, rounded out by drummer Zak St. John, and bassist Kyle Konkiel, is poised to undertake the challenges that lay ahead, tempt the fates, and find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes... See you on tour!

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