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SUBJEKTIVE - R.D.M Single release

Webpage: http://www.subjektive.com

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

ROCK DRIVEN METAL : a unique spin on Metal / Heavy Rock. Likened to a mix of such bands as Machine Head, Lamb of God , Mudvayne, Sevendust and Pantera.

Press Release:


Subjektive are thrilled to announce the release of the first Single from their Debut Album which will be out later this year. The first Single R.D.M
is a catchy, balls to the wall song that hits you in the teeth and keeps you wanting more.
R.D.M is available for download at - (Subjektive's official website)
 The music video for R.D.M captures Subjektive's intent, intensity
and it does not hold back. the new video can be viewed here on -
(Click here for R.D.M video)

Rock Driven Metal. It's the perfect description for Subjektive, which is far more in-your-face, uproarious and full of punch than the music produced by your average middle of the road; bands. In the band's own words, the music is 'heavy as hell.'

R.D.M is already getting radio play in country's such as England, USA, France and Canada just to name a few. It's also getting great reviews from the industry's elite which is building the hype of the release of the album even more.

For more information and to watch/listen to the R.D.M go to www.subjektive.com and Come Get Some!!!

Subjektive Team

Aaron 'Az' Stevenson - Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Joel 'Chamber' Moriss - Guitars
Luke 'MasTemA' Beltramello - Drums

Subjektive are an Australian based band formed in late 2008 by front man/songwriter Aaron 'AzCORE' Stevenson. After playing in several successful bands, Aaron decided to step out on his own and create a more ROCK DRIVEN METAL sound.

Joined by Luke 'Mastema' Beltramello (2009) and Joel 'Chamber' Moriss (2010), Subjektive were ready to unleash their brand of rock driven metal to the public.
Power trio Subjektive have made something of a statement with the release of their debut EP 'My Perception' in late 2010. Playing big shows since their E.P release and the bands formation, Subjektive have been steadily gaining a large loyal fan base both nationally and internationally as well as supporting numerous international bands such as The Haunted, Mnemic, Unearthly and Merauder.
These guys put a unique spin on heavy rock / metal and the band have been likened to a mix of such bands as Machine Head , Mudvayne, Sevendust and Pantera.
Subjektive have arrived with an explosion of sound, pounding guitar riffs, infectious melodies and, above all else, the attitude of a band that knows integrity, honesty and loyalty to their music and fans is paramount.
The band has even coined its own name for the particular type of music they play -- Rock Driven Metal. It's the perfect description of music that is both a melodious, head-nodding form of metal but is also far more in-your-face, uproarious and full of punch than the music produced by your average 'middle of the road' bands.
In the band's own words, this music is "heavy as hell". Yet, it's also much more subtle, tuneful and, potentially, wide-reaching than much metal music that has gone before.
Subjektive's first single 'R.D.M' is now available through their website at www.subjektive.com and can also be found at ITunes, Amazon, Napster and many more. All this information can be found at their website at www.subjektive.com including songs, links, news, videos, photos, new show announcements and more!. You now know the address so........... COME GET SOME!

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