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I love 80’s Music. I love to dance.

Press Release:

It takes more than the average person to get a world renowned artist and songwriter who hasn’t recorded much in over a decade back in the studio, especially if the person who hasn’t been recording is singer/songwriter Darryl Kromm from the Canadian band Strange Advance. But then, Heather Dore is far from average. Ms. Dore, who took the Canadian jazz scene by storm with the release of her first CD, I’m Beginning To See The Light In 2005, recently worked with Darryl Kromm and Jarome Matthew on her new single, “Cool & Careless,” which is a retro 80’s pop, dance, and electronic fusion.
Heather’s friend Michael Bublé fueled her interest in jazz and big band music, and her association with him led to a meeting with his former manager, who encouraged Heather to record some jazz standards. This, and a promise to a friend lost to a heart attack, was the ticket that launched her professional career. Though she found success in jazz, she still craved 80’s pop and disco music. A reconnection through Facebook with longtime friend Jarome Matthew, an experienced pop/electronic producer and label owner, led to an introduction to Darryl Kromm from the Canadian band Strange Advance. Kromm had penned some of Canada’s best loved and known 80’s pop songs, such as “We Run” and “Worlds Away.” The collaboration proved to be a successful one, achieving Dore’s goal of making an original 80’s song in keeping with the inspiration of her youth, and expanding that sound with a “future disco” musical arrangement.
The result was “Cool & Careless,” which was written and recorded in Vancouver, produced in Vancouver and Beijing, and mixed in Jarome Matthew’s new Beijing studio. Erol Sora, another longtime time, also contributed to the track, playing the guitar.
Critiquing the track, Michele Wilson-Morris of MusicDish said, “Heather Dore gives the perfect vocal performance for the pop/dance/electronic track “Cool & Careless.”
Every note is crystal clear and the vibe is definitely happening. “Cool & Careless” is a sassy plea to unfaithful lovers, a great song for a dance club or party, and it has a very distinctive sound -- much different from other songs in the pop and dance genres. It’s classic dance music with a retro 80’s and electronic twist, a good hook, and breaks in all the right places. While it is easily adaptable to mainstream radio, “Cool & Careless” maintains a uniqueness that breaks the monotony of most everything else that’s getting airplay.” “Cool & Careless” is available for purchase through iTunes at:





Music has always been a very important part of Heather’s life, She started making her talent known at the age of 5 in the school play and entertained family and friends in costume. You’ve heard the story before with many other singers. She later explored piano and flute, but it wasn’t until the 1980?s, when she started frequenting underground Vancouver clubs, that Heather first felt the music reach down into her soul, keeping her on the dance floor for endless hours. This new music with such catchy, witty lyrics, driving beats, and progressive sound took a hold of her that would never let go. It made her feel alive, free, strong, and able to express her individuality, in a scene she felt she belonged to, that shared her hidden passions.
However, Heather never felt the confidence to take the voice she knew she had seriously, to a professional level. She worked in a record store (when they were literally still vinyl records) where she would meet the man who 15 years later would help her to fulfill her music dreams. Heather recorded karaoke versions of her singing her favourite 80?s hits, but didn’t finally put out her first CD until 2005.
Her friend Michael Bublé fueled her interest in jazz and big band music, and her association with him led Heather to Michael’s former manager, who encouraged Heather to record some jazz standards. This, and a promise to a friend lost to a heart attack, was her ticket to launch her professional career.
With the release of a professional CD of jazz classics, ‘I’m Beginning To See The Light‘ Heather was launched into the music business, and suffered the painful learning experience of how heartless, expensive, and discouraging it can be. Yet, the response to her recorded music was more fulfilling than anything she had experienced. These mixed emotions lead to a difficult and confusing time for Heather. Her real passion still lay with 80?s pop and disco music, and dancing all night to this incredible music made her and her friends feel the troubles wash away, transporting her to some magical, euphoric place.
She wanted to pursue her passion, but her experience in the industry left little hope, until she reconnected with long time friend Jarome Matthew on facebook. When this reunion revealed that Jarome was an experienced pop/electronic producer and label owner, her chance to finally fulfill her dream of making an album of 80?s inspired future disco that reflected her talent and musical passion was a reality.


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