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Webpage: http://www.hauntingeden.com

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

An alternative/rock-metal blend using heavy guitar rhythms, driving melodic bass lines, powerful female vocals and haunting melodies. An edgy and compelling blend of lyrics and music.
Press Release:
Haunting Eden could not have said it better themselves: “a great balance between beauty and darkness.” That is exactly what this band is all about. Not only are they hard rock but they have what a lot of bands don’t, and which brings something so great to the dynamic of the group, a woman as lead vocalist. It is refreshing to hear a female vocalist fronting the band, which, especially in this genre, is mostly ruled by men. JoLee’s amazing pipes blend with the songs and the powerful music perfectly which allow the easily relatable, spine-tingling lyrics of this band to stand out amongst many others. Haunting Eden is a band that reminds me a lot of Breaking Benjamin and Flaw.

Haunting Eden formed as a group in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009. The five members are focused and driven with a story to tell, and they say it best in their name: a dark and haunting story with a glimpse of hope and faith behind. The members of this group are passionate about their music and spreading their word and I believe they do just that. You can truly hear the hard work and dedication put in to every note and every lyric, and consequently, they create amazing music. They have a very unique, distinct sound all their own which is brought out by a mystifying sound tied in with soft, sultry vocals.

Deliverance is their debut album which showcases everything they have to offer. It has the hard rock sounds with amazing lyrics and vocals to go a long with an almost pop feel, at times. Song after song on the album leaves you wanting to hear more and asking yourself “what will they come up with next?” It is different and unique which is what allows them to stand apart from other groups but at the same time still able to fit into the boundaries of the genre. After listening to the album a couple of times, I find myself singing right along with them and getting lost in the deep lyrics.

There are many songs that are great on this album, but a personal favorite is “Like Water.” The track has lyrics that anyone can relate to. It tells a story about how life passes us by too quickly - with each day a blur while missing what we truly want in life. The strength in the lyrics and the vocals makes this a powerful song. After listening to “Like Water” which leaves you wanting more, you will stumble upon “Pick up the Pieces,” a fantastic song that is so well done. Once again the sounds and the lyrics are just captivating and you lose yourself in the song.

I believe that there is a song on this album for everyone, whether it be for the fact the lyrics are relatable or just the entrancing musicianship leaving you wanting for more. Because of this ability, the group is able to transcend many genres of music, not having to be labeled strictly hard rock.

Haunting Eden is a great band that I would highly recommend to anyone. I will be watching and waiting for their next big thing and know that it will be just as enjoyable as Deliverance, if not more so. They are a great find and I look forward to watching them grow.

Key Tracks - Like Water, Conquer the Beast, Trust in Lies

Shannon Halper- Muzikreviews.com Contributor

March 27, 2011 Biography:
Haunting Eden efficiently balances darkness and beauty with devastating power. The songs combine heavy guitars, powerful vocals, a hard driving rhythm section, melodic accessibility, and lyrics probing the dark corners of life. The band formed in early 2010 and immediately found their sound with an inspiring mix of traditional metal influences and mainstream sensibility.

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