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Webpage: http://www.facebook.com/zodiacdeathvalley

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Rock n' Roll, Psychedelic, Independent, San Francisco sounds.

Press Release:
“The Vitality of these Sf psych-rockers’ cactus flower romanticism is evident” -SF Bay Guardian
“Producing simultaneously moody and sexy psychedelic rock, the Bay Area based Zodiac Death Valley might sound like Kings of Leon had they been raised by Satanists as opposed to a traveling preacher. And what a superb time to be labeled as such. Their mood i much more akin to The Doors or pre Darkside Pink Floyd.. Their music seems ready to pounce.” -San Diego Tribune
“Raucous lyrics and in your face behavior make for an unapologetic good time” -SF Weekly
“Zodiac Death Valley are way more than the sum of their parts. ZDV sounds like a killer jam with Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and the remaining members of The Doors. Good Stuff!” -Monterey Country Weekly

“See them now before it becomes more difficult to get tickets to their shows. And by the way, don’t bring your girlfriend...” -Los Grillos Collective

Zodiac Death Valley is San Francisco past, future, and present: Cactus flower romanticism junk rock echoing the hardened curbside soul of The Haight and Mission districts, dark sailor music extracted from the cold bawdy Barbary waterfront, and sparkling vibrant optimism like a Dolores Park Summer day. This is their sacred ground and, just perhaps, never has one sound put it all together in such a fashion.

They started as an acoustic three piece then added new members, got explosively electric and came out the other end with their very own brand of mud and blood Country Blues Goth Psych Rock 'N' Roll. Unflinchingly playing the West Coast's top and bottom clubs, radio stations, warehouses, art galleries, and television channels - In love only with music, creation, and process... a (sadly) refreshing/original obsession nowadays, no?

Come see captivating lyrics, barrel house piano, psychedelic organ layers, searing lead guitar, thumping bass lines, and a train rolling back beat. Come bring it all home. Raucous live ZDV performances have garnered them a reputation as a band that must be seen.

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