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Webpage: http://www.ignitetheborealis.com

Location: Grand Rapids, MI, US

Ignite the borealis is a tight, pop rock outfit bristling with catchy hooks, swirling keys and addictive beats.

Press Release:
Contact: David Mouatt
Phone: (616) 706-0887
Email: press@ignitetheboreais.com


Grand Rapids,MI - July 15 2012 Ignite the Borealis is a Michigan based rock band embarking the music industry with their highly anticipated project, Coup De Grace. With their appearances in the 17th annual Vans sponsored Warp Tour, this band created a buzz, reaching over 500,000 raving fans demanding new music. This CD consists of 12 new electrifying compositions and features the chart climbing single, These City Lights.

Each song can be related to by each listener, which talks about love, hardships, and overcoming. The Ford Motor Company has also chosen Ignite the Borealis for their new 2012 Ford Focus Commercial with their original song entitled, The Call.
As Ignite the Borealis embark on the most successful year of their career, there seems to be no limit as to what they can accomplish. The band's 2011 debut album A Moment’s Notice was written, recorded, mixed, mastered and released entirely by the band and has sold thousands of digital copies worldwide and hundreds of physical CD’s as well as radio play on over fifty college radio stations nationwide and Internet radio spins on Pandora, Sirius/XM and Jango Radio. However while these statistics are impressive for an at the time unsigned band, record sales have never been the driving force behind Ignite the Borealis and that fact has never been as evident as it is on the group's highly anticipated new album Coup De Grâce debuting in June. In fact, as excited as this group of young adults from Grand Rapids, Michigan are to have had the opportunity to share stages with great artists like Hawthorne Heights, Our Lady Peace and Paramore, they seem even more ecstatic to share brand new music with the world. “We work our tails off to make interesting music, but Coup De Grâce is definitely a leap forward for us" the band's front man and guitarist David Mouatt explains. "We can’t wait to get back on the road and get this album out to people, it’s like Christmas morning for us"

Anyone who has seen the band on the road already knows Ignite the Borealis have an incendiary live show; however with ‘Coup’, the group has proved they're also able to juxtapose all of their indie-minded influences into a seamless collection of songs that embrace the future without abandoning the band's past effort. Additionally, the process of making Coup De Grâce seems to have taught the group--David, guitarist/pianist & vocalist Jake VanRavenswaay, drummer Matt Loveless and bassist Mitchell McNally--countless lessons about who they are both inside and outside of Ignite the Borealis. "We’ve been a band for such a short time compared to some, but our work ethic and dedication mean we work relentlessly because we want to succeed and we want to share our music with people" David explains, adding that Coup De Grâce ended up being the perfect outlet for the band's creativity and frustration. "Writing and recording A Moment’s Notice and 'Stars' was a stress because our deadline was only 2 weeks, it was nice to take a little bit more time, it was therapeutic for us" David elaborates. "We are a road band and we know it, we enjoy the studio experience but our place is playing live for fans, it’s our bread and butter."

Never content to rest on their laurels, Ignite the Borealis begin in March, a very ambitious touring schedule, covering the mid-west, south-west, gulf-coast and the east-coast. “We plan on leaving and staying out as long as we can, meeting as many people as we can, doing as many interviews as we can and playing the best rock and roll show we can.” David comments, “It’s easy to start a band, it’s harder to start a business.” Ignite the Borealis will be touring the country starting March 15th. The tour will be the band’s first complete US tour spanning 38 states. “We will be hitting a lot of college towns where we have fans and support as well as the radio stations there, grassroots efforts like this allows us more time on air and believe it or not, a greater influence on our audience with on air acoustic performances, interviews and stories about the tour and road experiences.” says David. Look for Ignite the Borealis on tour this spring/summer/fall and on the web at www.ignitetheborealis.com

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