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Press Release:

Acclaimed Sixteen Year-Old Singer/Songwriter Justine Dorsey

Second Place American Song Winner; Unsigned Only Semi-Finalist

Los Angeles, CA-- With the success of her new EP, Unsaid, sixteen year old singer/songwriter Justine Dorsey has not only been nominated for two prestigious awards at this year’s LA Music Awards, but she has also won second place in the American Sound Song Contest, is a finalist in a Dodge Commercial competition and is a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition, which boasts a panel of prestigious judges including Cyndi Lauper, Kenny Rogers, Robert Smith and Charlie Daniels. One of music’s most renowned promoters, Steven Sharp, says "Justine is the real deal. A talent like this only comes around once in a generation. Her songs and her voice are undeniable at first listen. One spin and you're in on Justine Dorsey."
This deserved string of success comes after the recent release of Justine’s new EP, Unsaid, which has received enormous support from the media and radio alike. The title track earned Justine a second place win in the American Song Contest and nominations for Hot Contemporary Single and the highly competitive category Best Female Singer/Songwriter at the 2012 LA Music Awards. 
Now, with 7,500 entries worldwide and a panel of judges consisting of some of music’s biggest stars, Justine is also a proud semifinalist in the The Unsigned Only Competition, which is described as: A unique music competition designed for solo artists, bands, and singers all over the world who are not signed to a major label record company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or imprints. The goal of Unsigned Only is to find an outstanding, talented performer: a band, singer, or solo artist...a newcomer or veteran...raw or polished - the “gem” that needs to be discovered. Unsigned Only is looking for the total package.
Four-time Grammy Award winning producer & singer-songwriter Randy Sharp, who has been guiding and mentoring Justine throughout her musical journey and served as the co-producer on Unsaid says, "It's rare that an artist can share their musical take on the world in a completely believable, unaffected and infectious way. Justine does just that. Her songs are clearly reflective of an American teenager's angst, humor and innocence, but somehow she does it with the wisdom and polish that only accomplished songwriters many times her age are still searching for. It's just great when award shows get it right."
Justine has already recorded a full album prior to her new EP; both exuding original music and lyrics from a young girl’s heart. “I’m not going to write about things that don’t affect me, or moments I haven’t experienced,” expresses Justine. “It’s when your music truly affects you that listeners can feel that.” 
Unsaid is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and on www.justinedorsey.com. Upcoming shows are listed on Justine’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/justinedorsey. New videos will be coming soon to her YouTube page, www.youtube.com/justinedorseymusic.
For additional information, music, photos or interview requests, please contact Laurena Marrone at Grit,LLC: info@gritpr.com Biography:
This time of year young teens are thinking about summer break and maybe planning for what they will do during the summer break. Sixteen-year old Justine Dorsey, who tested out of high school and is currently in college, is thinking about the release of her new EP Unsaid. Then there is a career in music and a tour to plan.

Needless to say, Justine is not your average teenager. Her maturity also shows in her music – music which has earned her lavish attention and praise and attracted BMI and Grammy award-winning songwriter Randy Sharp as her producer. Randy is a member of the “Million-Airs club,” for professional songwriters whose songs have been played at least a million times on radio.
This is a sixteen-year-old who cites as inspirations Cole Porter (“one of the greatest songwriters of all time,” says Justine) and The Beatles (“what they had there was magic”). Who started singing around the time she started walking, and picked up the guitar at age thirteen.  
Ultimately, Justine sees herself following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift, who was also just a teen when she became a star. “One day my Mom told me about this girl named Taylor Swift, and she said, “Look at this girl – she's so young, but she's writing music and they're good songs! I really think you could do this.” So I googled “how to write a song” and wrote [a song called] “English Rose.” … All I can say is thank God for Taylor. She's opened so many doors for young people in this industry.”
Every once in a while the young girl shows in Justine, like when she says that she hums Disney songs to help calm her nerves before stepping on stage, or when she says that she likes “macaroons and rainy weather and Harry Potter a little too much.” However, when she performs live, audiences are wowed. On stage she is composed, professional and charismatic. Her voice is BIG and her presence electrifying.
Fans light up her Facebook page with praise:
“You were wonderful tonight at Pepperland Music. With your sincere and intimate style you have a direct channel to the listener. People work on (creating stage presence) for years.” “I met you at Gypsy Den tonight. I just finished listening to your CD and it is an amazing piece of art.” “A rising star!”
Much of that praise is aimed at Justine's new EP, a four-song collection of original music scheduled for release on May 15. Sneak previews are available on Justine's Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/justinedorsey.  
“Mama's Song” has been picked up by Internet radio, and the EP- titled “Unsaid” is the single.
“I think 'Unsaid' defines me as an artist,” says Justine. “When I finished writing that song, I really under-appreciated it. But then I ended up playing it for people and got such an amazing response.”
The EP also includes “Everything That's Beautiful,” which Justine says is a song that “makes me feel so happy,” and “Cliche,” which she says “pushed my ability as a songwriter.” The poignant and heartfelt themes of Unsaid show a young star on the rise and a remarkably mature performer who writes and sings about subtleties of life, showing wisdom far beyond her years.
“Unsaid” is about “a specific person who came into my life and left a big impression on me, but I never got the chance to tell him. Just as soon as he entered my life, he left it. That sort of thing fascinates me: There are these moments you have with virtual strangers that in the grand scheme of things are just a small blip on the screen. . . but they change you. And they will never know it.”

Justine's achievements so far in 2012:
-She is a semi-finalist at the Unsigned Only Music Competition-Justine was selected among 7,500 entrants

-Justine was signed to Laurel Canon Music Licensing Co. 60 days ago:


-Justine was signed to HDMusic Now Licensing Co. 30 days ago: http://www.hdmusicnow.com/

-Justine has been invited to perform at the Malibu Music Awards 2012

-Justine is starting to get smaller market FM rotation on her EP Unsaid

-Justine has been invited to perform at Indie Week Canada 2012

-Justine won 2nd place and $500.00 at the American Sound Song Contest 2012

-Justine was nominated for Singer/Songwriter of the year and Hot AC Single at the LA Music

Awards. This is her third nomination-Justine's first nomination was when she was thirteen, the youngest ever.

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