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Webpage: http://www.outlikepluto.com

Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Description: Where Blink 182, Paramore and No Doubt meet, you’ll find the infectious energy of

Out Like Pluto. The female-fronted, Seattle five-piece’s debut—Take Cover, is creating a stir with a unique blend of pop punk and 90’sinspired alt-rock.

Biography: Out Like Pluto is not here to revolutionize music, but they do want to make you dance. Have a listen to their full-length debut album or come out to a show, and it’ll be totally clear: These alt-pop rockers have a blast playing music, and all they want is to make sure their audience does too.
The female-fronted five-piece from Seattle, WA combines the energetic pop-punk stylings of Paramore and Blink-182 with the melodic nostalgia of 90s alternative rock like No Doubt, Garbage and Letters to Cleo. Out Like Pluto's musically diverse, but ultimately light-hearted, repertoire lends itself well to some shenanigans on stage. The band has a reputation in Seattle for delivering unique, engaging, and often hilarious shows. (On several occasions, Out Like Pluto has challenged its bill-mates to pop cover showdowns, for example.) After the now infamous “Ke$h-Off” of 2011, the venue’s sound technician remarked, “In all my years here, I’ve never seen anyone crowd surf in the Jewel Box Theater.” Mission accomplished.
Since 2009, Out Like Pluto has built a rapidly-growing fan base in the Pacific Northwest, and shared the stage with the likes of Nico Vega, Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), This Time Next Year, Hunter Valentine and The Broken Column. Reviewing a show from the early part of 2011, Seattle Subsonic commented: “Given the style and the pretty blond lead singer, the obvious comparison is to No Doubt, but No Doubt was bubble gum in comparison. Songs like “Are We There Yet?” (my favorite) show this well.... It made me wonder. If No Doubt can achieve success and fame, why not these guys?”
Out Like Pluto's debut full-length album, "Take Cover" was released on January 10, 2012. This energetic and eclectic full-length was recorded, mixed, and produced by Andy Tyra and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (All Time Low, Blink-182, Alien Ant Farm). Many of these tracks are already popular with the band’s live fan base, and “Take Cover’s” first single and music video, "Bridge," is attracting a lot of interest on YouTube.

The band was formed in Seattle in late 2009 by producer and drummer Andy Tyra and enigmatic microphone jockey Kari Tarr. Once they realized Andy had too few limbs to play every instrument live, they recruited guitarists (and index finger shredders) Mike Pesce and Ben Ahroni, along with the effervescent Aussie, Jeremy “I am not a convict” Hynoski to bring in the low frequencies. With their new album already receiving positive reviews and an aggressive touring schedule planned for early 2012, Out Like Pluto is pulling out all the stops to bring their own brand of upbeat fun to as much of this world as possible!
Press Release:
Pop-Punk Rockers Out Like Pluto Launch “Take Cover”
Seattle, WA-- Take cover, alt rock fans! The full-length studio release from Seattle-based Out Like Pluto is headed toward your ears with the full force of a giant meteor on a collision course with planet Earth.
“Take Cover” is the album's title, and it lives up to its name from the first crunchy guitar riff on Where to Begin to the last blast of pure energy on Placebo (Turn Me On). All ten tracks are a storm of rock-n-roll that reminds fans of Blink-182, Paramore, and No Doubt – some punk, a dose of funk, and a whole lot of fun. It's music that moves the feet: upbeat, edgy and danceable.
The first song to catch fire is the single, Bridge. This radio-ready song's infectious melody is sure to get stuck in your head, and it sets the stage for the driving beats and catchy refrains you'll hear on the rest of the album. Says the band, "Bridge sums up the album's fun, danceable polish with a throwback to alt nineties rock. The tracks range from the purely upbeat pop punk of Placebo to the synthy electronic edginess of Early Warning to the funky bass-driven Are we there yet and back again..."
While Out Like Pluto is recognizably distinct from the bands they're compared to, each song on “Take Cover” has its own attractive force, its own center of gravity that's a unique musical treat.
And “Take Cover” is no garage band effort. The polish of the album is attributable to the dedication of the musicians to their craft, the production and engineering talents of band member Andy Tyra, and to the album's mastering by Grammy award winner Gavin Lurssen (Blink-182, Alien Ant Farm). The result is a 10-track set of radio-ready songs sure to make the trip around our solar system at least a few times.
The popularity of Out Like Pluto is the organic, homegrown variety, rising from their outrageous live shows across the Pacific Northwest. Since forming in 2009, the band has made a name by putting on terrific live performances dense with charisma and stage antics. As Seattle Weekly put it, "Singer Kari Tarr has an enchanting and powerful voice that's the undisputed backbone of the group, and the band's potential for stardom isn't more evident than on 'Bridge': the shortest song on Take Cover, but easily the catchiest."
For more information, please visit the band's website at www.outlikepluto.com. “Take Cover” is available for purchase on all digital platforms including Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/Take-Cover-Explicit/dp/B006RCXAYS.
For media inquiries, contact Laurena Marrone at Grit PR & Promotion: info@gritpr.com.

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