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Location: Arcadia, California, United States

The Perfect 2012 Song. Now Being Played On Over 200 Stations. You Have Our 100 Percent Permission To Add Our New Radio Version To Your Rotation Its Shorter & More Explosive . A Killer New Modern Rock Sound & Vocals. Will Pump People Up Again....


Joey Smokes "I'm Not Ready"(2012) Is the first of over 30 + songs that he would love the world to hear. It is a sad and positve (dark and Light) song that shows how awesome Life is. His Second song is kind of a love song. He will try to create a Cool Music video for all of his songs. Joey will soon be seeking management and Possibly a Label to help him Achieve his life long dream of music. Up to now, He has funded his projects from his own empty pockets. Joey Smokes will always strive for explosive and Unique sounding music. "I'm Not Ready" was only released for family and friends but it is getting Great response.

Joey grew up in Temple City, California in the 80's and although he was a little boy in the late 80's and early 90's, by the time he was 6 he had hundreds of tapes(and a few Cd's) of rock bands from the late 60's up to the 90's. He loves music and it was obvious. He had long hair and rocker shirts and holes in his jeans since he was 5. As much as he loved to play fake gun games he would love to play fake Rock Concerts. He was always in choir and band since grade school and loves to sing.

At age 12 Joey started taking notes, writing down lyrics and humming Chorus lines. He decided to pick up the guitar and learn to write songs. Because he went to school, played sports, was in choir and started working at a young age, he really had to Try hard to squeeze in his dreams and alot of people didn't realize he had time to still be writing songs. Truth is he never stopped since the day he started.

Joey has been working like crazy in Construction, 12 hour plus days, since right out of high school and has been working on his Music late night from 11 PM to 2 AM as many nights a week as he can. The past 4 years he has been really working hard and is ready to go. Many years ago Joey realized how awesome and important life is and is willing to Work and Try and Work to achieve as many goals as possible.

Joey will work on and release a new song and video approximately every month for the next 3 months and would like to put out an EP with at least 4 songs plus a bonus in summer, then start Performing mid to end of summer and before Christmas put out his 1st Album.


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