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Webpage: http://www.fatestrikestwice.com/

Location: Rockaway, NJ, USA
Biography: Fate Strikes Twice, a five piece original band out of Morris County N.J., adds their own flavor of sound to classic and modern elements of rock, metal, and pop, to create a catchy and distinctive concoction of songs. Much of their sound can be attributed to vocalist Harry Dullys' vocal abilities and charismatic live performances.

The band formed in March 2010, when drummer Pete Markson and lead vocalist Harry Dullys met guitarist Rick Swanwick through a mutual friend. Dullys and Markson had written music together on and off for approximately 5 years; however, for the last few years, due to unfortunate circumstances, they were unable to collaborate musically and never thought it would be possible to start another band. Well indeed, fate intervened a second time. Hence, they came up with the band name: Fate Strikes Twice.

The trio began writing music throughout the summer. Still without a bassist in September, the band was beginning to feel hopeless when Markson found the number of Mike Flores. The two had worked together on a cover project a few years prior. Flores was available, and fate struck twice again. Mike brought their songs to another level with his monster riffs and diverse vocal melodies.

In February of 2011, the band entered BackRoom studios with producer and engineer Kevin Antreassian. Antreassian has a reputation as a top notch producer, having worked with the Dillinger Escape Plan and a number of other bands; not only from Jersey, but all over the country. By April, the band had completed a four song EP entitled “Soul of The Bomb.”

Fate Strikes Twice continues to write new music and build a strong following with their live performances. Check them out live and see for yourself.
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