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Webpage: http://www.crushofempires.com

Location: New York, NY, USA

Crush of Empires' music is dark, original, current... and loud. This NYC based five piece combines unique vocal melodies, intricate guitar rhythms, and deep aggressive bass and drums creating a unique audio assault upon pressing play. Press Release:
“Crush of Empires moved the night forward with a clean and progressive sound. Their sound was tight and the band played well together. Overall, they left you feeling glad you had the experience to listen to their emotionally driven tracks”
CD Release show at Gramercy Theatre
“Crush of Empires, are as epic as their name suggests. They make great use of effects and textures in their music, which makes for a very dynamic set. The lead guitar work is very interesting by both guitarists, both playing with a lot of feel and melody. Overall, the band is enjoyable and brings progressive elements to the show”
-Gotham Rocks
“Strong and capable lead vocals suit the material well and the musical performances and solid, tight and fitting. Crush of Empires have a slight retro grunge feel, but also feature newer elements- cool vibe overall and the grooves and riffs work together well to produce a cohesive whole”
Crush of Empires-EP

Crush of Empires is an original five piece alternative rock band born out of the New York City music scene, consisting of William Mercado (vocals), Steven Cimino (guitar), Jafar Mahmud (guitar), Loren Pratt (bass, back up vocals), and John-Paul Baker(drums,percussion, back up vocals).

With a unique dark driven sound, Crush of Empires take the listener on an emotional journey from start to finish. "We choose not to follow, but rather to create and adapt" front man William Mercado explained when asked to describe the band prior to their Sold-Out July 21st, 2011 Debut Show at the legendary Irving Plaza. Since that show they have performed in New York City venues like Gramercy Theatre, a month-long residency at Arlene’s Grocery, Pianos, Tammany Hall, and Six Flags Great Adventure.

Crush of Empires shattered expectations, yet again, with their Sold-Out EP Release Show on June 16th, 2012 at the Gramercy Theatre. Crush of Empires’ self-titled EP, co-produced by Grammy award winner Ron Allaire (Pantera, Keith Richards), deliberately showcases the band’s various talents. Their music screams loud with hard guitar and bass driven tracks like "Red" and "So Faded", then paints an audible picture of life and love with "Water" and "Butterfly", before leaving you wanting more with the straight forward and honest sound of "Secret".
Crush of Empires’ collaboration between music fused with raw emotion truly sets themselves apart from the rest...You just have to hear them.

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