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Webpage: http://www.finalcutrecords.com

Location: Portland, OR, USA

Chief of the Region, Hailing from the Great NorthWest. Pioneer of the NorthWest music scene.


"Craziness - Chief Of The Region"

I was born Joseph W. Garcia in Spokane, WA. Growing up I always had a passion for music. At the age of seventeen I started an independent record label; Final Cut Records. In life nothing was ever given too me easily, but my drive and determination to establish myself as a relevant musician has never wavered through the years. My goal has always been to add a layer of new sound to the Hip Hop nation at large.

At this time, I am trying to expand as a rap artist and record executive. I’ve sold thousands of albums in the Northwest Region. I’ve worked hard over the years building a solid fan base and successful track record. My mission is to become an accomplished musician paving the way for other up and coming artists.

Without having major funds and limited resources, I always found ways to give back to the community. For years I’ve worked as the “Urban Music Project Coordinator” at Ethos, a non profit music center in Portland, Oregon. I grew up having to learn things the hard way lacking an influential role model, for this reason I enjoy teaching youth who share my similar background. In acknowledgment of this work I was featured on the front page of “The Oregonian.”

Stacked with an arsenal of groundbreaking musical work recorded/produced at Final Cut Studios, I’m seeking those who would be interested expanding my rapping voice to a broader demographic audience by providing ample monetary resources. My name is “Craziness” feel the sound!

To Contact Us: Bill Couch (503) 975-3491 finalcutrecords@aol.com www.finalcutrecords.com

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