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Location: Turin, Italy, Italy

Corso is a harpist/songwriter/singer. He makes pop music with harp arrangments and synths ranging from new age to trip hop.

Press Release:


Enter the green, relaxing, enchanted territories of Ambrosia 432
Ten original ambient songs for harp, flute and choirs
Like rooms made of sound
Where you can go for a while
And rest
Every instrument is tuned at 432 Hz
Instead of the classical 440 Hz
To relax you better.

Corso is a harpist/composer/singer based in Turin, in the northern part of Italy.

Harp and voice are the main instruments for this music, together with flute, and synths.
He’s been involved in many projects of different styles, such as classical, gothic metal, electronic and new age.
This first solo project, Ambrosia 432, was released in March 2009. Inspired by ancient roman mythology and with a new age, soundtrack-like experimental taste, it combines harp/flute compositions with sound effects and computer sound programming.
It is just territories, with no humans inside.
Ambrosia 432 is made to relax and express in a very simple, wordless way; titles are the only human words to be written in the flow of songs, everything else is just music and unexplained emotion.
All instruments in this work are tuned at 432 Hz instead of the classical 440 Hz, to enhance relaxing effects, and to follow the “omega revolution”. Songs are intended to be ten sound rooms to host the listener.

1_Shining one
2_You ( Verrò da te )
4_Still ( Time Freezes )
5_Lo specchio di Diana
6_It rains ( And I Miss You )
7_Counting Clouds
8_Io sono qui ( My Fortess )
9_Flow ( A Heart That Breathes )
10_Ambrosia ( There I Stole My Heart )

Corso's Ambrosia 432 is worldwide available for digital download in digital stores:

- Amazon
- iTunes
- eMusic
- LimeWire Store
- CDuniverse

Corso is the solo project of the italian composer/singer/harpist Marco Saviolo, born in 1981.

He makes music ranging from new age to alternative indie pop, mixing his harp music with electro sounds to create emotional atmospheres.

Corso released his third, new album "(Protect)" on December 15th, 2011.

His previous albums are "Ambrosia 432" (released in 2009) and "Fabula Dura" (released in 2010).

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